Premium real estate investments:
the alternative to zero-rate

3% pa with the security of the land register

EUR 100

Welcome bonus until 28/02

With the start bonus you secure Bloxxter securities with a value of EUR 100 on your first investment at Bloxxter until 28.02.2021! They will be automatically added to your order.To the conditions of participation
  • Premium Real Assets - for all of us
  • Investment 2.0 - digital, simple and flexible
  • Institutional processes - professional and safe
  • Get Your Fair Share - for as little as EUR 500

Find out how Bloxxter is reinstating what it means to be inclusive. Discover the new way of investing, fair and independent.

Only our requirements regarding the security of the target investments and the processes are old-fashioned. For you, this effectively means: You can get your own share of high-quality real assets for as little as EUR 500. No matter how much you invest, your share offers daily liquidity and the additional costs are very low.

We have integrated processes that are standard for investments by professional investors: a renowned auditor ensures that the use of investment funds is monitored and the properties are valuated by an independent appraiser.

Bloxxter Invest

Premium Real Estate: Städtisches Kaufhaus and Reclam-Carrée in Leipzig

You expect high standards for your real estate investments? We believe you are right. Therefore, we have chosen the property Städtisches Kaufhaus and Reclam-Carrée - our first investment in the heart of Leipzig. Get Your Fair Share.

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Bloxxter Team

Based on expertise

With every member of the team having 20+ years experience, we are a “Start-up with wrinkles”.

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Come and visit us

We’re passionate about making investment in real assets available to more and more people. Which is why we’re constantly sharing our knowledge and ideas at conferences, industry forums and meet-ups. Join us at one of these upcoming events

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Risk note

The purchase of the security is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital invested.

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