Man and women discussing and discovering Premium Real Assets as investment opportunity for everyone.

Invest in premium real assets: Be part of something new.

  • Premium Real Assets - for all of us
  • Get Your Fair Share - for as little as EUR 500
  • Investment 2.0 - digital, simple and flexible
  • Institutional processes - professional and safe

Bloxxter grants access to premium real assets for everyone. We believe that it is time to move beyond today’s complex, outdated investment models to empower real people. Find out how we’re reinstating what it means to be inclusive, fair and independent.

Only our requirements regarding the security of the target investments and the processes are old-fashioned. For you, this effectively means: You can get your own share of high-quality real assets for as little as EUR 500. No matter how much you invest, your share offers daily liquidity and the additional costs are very low.

We have integrated processes that are standard for investments by professional investors: a renowned auditor ensures that the use of investment funds is monitored and the properties are evaluated annually by an expert.

Discover the new way of investing.

The new way of investing in real assets - investing with Bloxxter brings benefits


In-depth asset know-how, institutional processes and independent auditing gives security and peace of mind.


Low costs and no unnecessary brokers mean cost efficiency and therefore a fairer share for you.


Our high quality assets ensure stable and best-possible returns for you.


Be part of a community sharing the excitement of a unique opportunity.


No matter how much you invest, your share is transferable daily without limits.


Premium real assets imply high-value, low risk opportunities.

For one and for all.

Step 1

Discover our new premium investment - an attractive property: Städtisches Kaufhaus und Reclam-Carrée in central inner-city location in Leipzig.

Step 2

Get your own share - register without obligation and easily go through the investment process in only a few steps.

Step 3

Manage and track your investments: comprehensive information on your investment portfolio is available to you at all times, simply and transparently in the dashboard.

Discover Städtisches Kaufhaus and Reclam-Carrée Leipzig

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