Städtisches Kaufhaus Leipzig is a premium property in Leipzig. It was already built in the 15th century as one of the first sample fair houses in the world. In the 18th century, the addition of a concert hall followed, in which Mozart, Bartholdy and Liszt performed.
Beautiful property Reclam-Carrée Leipzig

Investment Duo


Städtisches Kaufhaus and Reclam-Carrée Leipzig

Invest in a piece of German history

Fixed interest rate of 3% and repayment at 100% for a short term of 5 years*

Security through fixed interest rate of 3% p.a. and 100% repayment

You purchase a digital security with a fixed annual interest rate of 3%. At the end of the term after five years* you will receive 100% of your investment back. Your investment has priority over the owner's equity.

Stability through risk diversification

Over 80 different tenants in two properties with different types of use: apartments, offices, retail and gastronomy.

Security through stable rental situation

A current occupancy rate of almost 100 percent ensured by tenants such as the Free State of Saxony, guarantee stable income.

Invest in this top-duo!

Your investment is secured by two rented historical buildings in the centre of Leipzig. Appraisals show that the properties are worth around EUR 10 mio more than the sum of bank financing and Bloxxter Investment. The rental income after management and bank financing is over 150% of the interest that Bloxxter pays to you and your co-investors.

The two properties are let to such well-known tenants as the State of Saxony and the Fraunhofer Institute in the Städtisches Kaufhaus (approx. 28% and 9.5% respectively) and in the Reclam Carrée to the Max Planck Institute and the company TomTom (29.3% and 17% respectively).

Städtisches Kaufhaus

Städtisches Kaufhaus Leipzig was built between 1894 and 1901 as one of the first sample fair houses in the world. A concert hall was added, in which Mozart, Bartholdy and Liszt performed.

And even today the property fits perfectly into the times - various types of use make the property future-proof. The historic facade and beautiful inner courtyard offer a fantastic environment for working, dining and strolling.

Reclam Carée

The Reclam Carrée offers the symbiosis of a historic building and modern new construction. It looks back on more than 100 years of proud history and forms the heart of the graphic quarter in Leipzig. In the mid-1990s, the entire ensemble was restored and a new building with office space and apartments was added.



Städtisches Kaufhaus

Reclam Carrée

Year of construction



Number of types of use of property



Occupancy rate



Ø Property rental

EUR 2556

EUR 2094

Ø Object rent / sqm / month

EUR 11,29

EUR 8,42

Ø Market rent / sqm / month

EUR 11,81

EUR 9,91

Potential rental increase




diamondGet Your Fair Share: Städtisches Kaufhaus und Reclam-Carrée Leipzig

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