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Press Release: Bloxxter offers access to German premium real estate investments

Financing of two EUR 100m properties is the largest tokenized portfolio in Europe

October 20, 2020

Newspaper article

Hamburg, 20 October 2020. The Start-Up Bloxxter is committed to grant access to German premium real estate for private investors from all over the world. Exclusive target investments have been available mainly for professional investors in the past. The tokenization of these formerly exclusive premium assets now offers the flexibility and divisiblity into small units, which makes the investments a perfect fit for private investors‘ requirements. The Top-Duo: Städtisches Kaufhaus & Reclam-Carrée Leipzig The Bloxxter premium investment consists of two historical buildings in the vibrant centre of Leipzig. With a value of EUR 100m it is the largest portfolio ever tokenized in Europe. Being built over a hundred years ago, both nevertheless comply with modern building standards. The occupancy rate is hence close to 100 per cent. Various types of use and over 80 different tenants as the Free State of Saxony ensure a stable rental situation. According to the latest valuation, the value of the properties is already 13% above the sum of bank financing and Bloxxter investment. The investment is further secured as Bloxxter is granted the security of an entry in the land charges register. Digital realisation as key for attractive returns The annual interest rate of 3% is significantly higher than the return of comparable fixed income investments, which is enabled by the digital approach and the forego of unnessecary intermediaries. The prospectus was BaFin approved on 12 october 2020  (ISIN: DE000A254TG 0) and the bond is digitally available as ERC-20 token. The investment process as such only takes a few minutes and is possible from anywhere. The bond is tradeable on a daily basis and the minimum investment is EUR 500. This high degree of flexibility is combined with processes that are standard for investments by professional investors: a renowned auditor ensures that the use of investment funds is monitored and the properties are valuated by an independent appraiser. Marc Driessen, founder and CEO of Bloxxter, says: “The launch of our first project Städtisches Kaufhaus & Reclam-Carrée is a big step on our way to change how real asset investments work. Starting today, they will be accessible for all of us and they will suit to our lives – which implies that investing works digitally and is as easy as online-shopping.” “We are happy that Bloxxter is able to close a gap that has been parting the quality of investments of private investors from the ones available for professional investors. The tokenization of the asset minimizes the ancillary costs, which allows us to reduce the minimum investments, so that nearly everybody can participate. What we have kept from the old investment world are our high quality standards for the projects and processes on our investment platform.”

About Bloxxter Bloxxter reinvents investing so that everyone has the opportunity to invest in premium real assets, that were once out of reach. With as little as EUR 500 private investors can get their fair share of assets otherwise reserved for institutional investors. Investing with Bloxxter is contemporary: simple, fast and digital. Investors also benefit from low transaction costs, daily transferability and institutional processes that increase transparency and integrate external valuations in a standardised way.

Bloxxter's team has managed more than EUR 15bn of investments for private and institutional investors and placed more than EUR 3bn of equity for tangible asset investments.

Get Your Fair Share. Bloxxter.

Press Contact Katrin Rosendahl Head Content Marketing & PR Bloxxter GmbH Geibelstraße 46B 22303 Hamburg

Disclaimer: A securities prospectus for the public offering of the bond has been approved by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and published by Bloxxter 1 GmbH. The prospectus is available at Approval of the prospectus should not be construed as an endorsement of the securities offered or admitted to trading on a regulated market. Prospective investors should read the Prospectus before making any investment decision in order to fully understand the potential risks and rewards of making a decision to invest in the Securities. 

The purchase of the security is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital invested.