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Robo-advisor continues growth strategy by acquiring Bloxxter GmbH and expanding its product range

Robo-advisor continues growth strategy by acquiring Bloxxter GmbH and expanding its product range

September 9, 2021

Quirion x Bloxxter

Berlin, 09.09.2021. The robo-advisor quirion is adding digital real estate investments to its product range. With the acquisition of Bloxxter GmbH, the Hamburg-based provider of contemporary real estate investments, quirion is expanding its expertise to include the tangible assets segment.

Bloxxter was founded in 2019 with the aim of making premium real estate investments accessible to all. The investment is completely digitised and possible from as little as 500 euros. The digital securities offer high quality standards in processes and target properties. The Bloxxter team has many years of experience from various specialist areas, including broad expertise from fully regulated investment companies. Bloxxter GmbH was renamed quirion Sachwerte GmbH in the course of the acquisition. Alongside Dr. Bianca Ahrens, Martin Daut will become CEO of quirion Sachwerte GmbH.

Martin Daut, CEO of quirion AG, explains: "We are pleased to be able to take another decisive step forward in the growth of our company through the strategic addition of real asset investments. Even though the financial products themselves are different, there are many parallels in philosophy: the digital tangible assets offer private investors a completely new, efficient access to high-quality tangible asset investments and therefore fit seamlessly into our existing offering. In addition to offering personalised client advice in 15 branches, we are now also the only robo-advisor to offer clients additional return opportunities through digital real estate investments."

Bloxxter founder Marc Drießen left Bloxxter at his own request in the course of the transaction to pursue new challenges. Martin Daut: "Marc Drießen founded Bloxxter and has developed a platform over the past two years that is second to none in terms of user experience and flexibility. We regret that he has decided to take on a new challenge and hand over the management of the company he founded in return." Marc Drießen on his departure: "The last two years have been challenging, exciting and wild. Despite the Corona crisis, we succeeded in bringing a unique product to the market thanks to a great team. I am delighted that quirion is now a perfect symbiosis of tangible assets and securities offering. I wish my team to further develop the idea of tokenised tangible assets together with quirion into a market-leading offering."

quirion plans to add several tangible asset investments to its product range. With Städtisches Kaufhaus & Reclam-Carrée, customers can now also invest in premium real estate financing. Investments in the properties in the centre of the growth metropolis of Leipzig are possible from as little as 500 euros. The launch of another real estate investment is planned for the near future.

quirion was once again the test winner in the current Stiftung Warentest test as the best robo-advisor with an overall score of 1.6. With the expansion of the product range to include tangible assets, quirion attaches great importance to maintaining this quality standard.

About quirion

quirion AG is one of the leading robo-advisors in Germany and offers investors access to professional asset management. quirion is a subsidiary of Quirin Privatbank AG. Investors can benefit from the earnings opportunities of the international capital markets via with low-cost, efficient investment products. Karl Matthäus Schmidt, CEO of Quirin Privatbank AG, founded quirion in 2013. Schmidt is considered a pioneer in the industry: before quirion, he had already revolutionised the banking market twice - with the founding of the first online broker Consors and the founding of Germany's first fee-based advisor bank, Quirin Privatbank.